Woody and Michael, ’77

Studio 54

Back in 1977, Woody Allen and Michael Jackson rubbed elbows at a fund raiser Allen threw at Studio 54 in support of a run for New York City Council president by Carter Burden–who was described in his 1996 Times obit as a “handsome, witty, pipe-smoking political figure in the Kennedy mold.” Aside from being a poor man’s Kennedy, Burden is notable for having owned The Village Voice, the nation’s first alternative weekly–which he sold, eyebrow-raisingly, to Rupert Murdoch in 1976. 

Woody’s famous sartorial disregard is on display here, as is MJ’s knack for coordinating coif and clothes. It doesn’t seem a stretch to assume that Woody and Michael’s costumes are reflective of their moods. You know Jackson is just dying to be on stage killing this New York City crowd–while Allen can’t wait for all of these smiling people he’s invited to just go away and stop making him hold this ridiculous sign that some jerk printed upside-down.

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